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CCTV or not to CCTV?

We are finding clients are moving on because once CCTV is installed, they now feel safer. We are also having a significant number of new clients who have discovered that CCTV is not the miracle cure that some people think.

The facts.

CCTV is wonderful. The more the merrier. The problems that are arising are both physical and legal.


Criminals are wearing balaclavas and gloves. We are watching them on camera going about their business and ignoring the cameras. While other traits may be picked up in certain situations, it doesn't happen very frequently. When all we can see is their eyes, and no fingerprints are being left behind because of gloves, there is minimum benefit to relying just on CCTV.


Another minefield. Have you personally notified each criminal that you have CCTV and that he or she is being recorded?  If you haven't then you aren't complying with CCTV regulations and any evidence obtained from CCTV will be removed from any court case. The criminal could hold up a card with his name and number, but unless he has been notified in advance of the cameras etc, that evidence is non-admissable in court. At a minimum, signage stating that you have CCTV and it is being recorded must be displayed on all points of entry including the roof if your building has one. This also means windows etc. Knowing who the criminal is, is one thing. Actually getting him or her before a judge takes more than just fancy pictures.


Don't buy cheap cameras or recorders. Cameras should be at least 2MP but 5-8MP is better. Proper night vision capability or permenant lighting (not sensor lighting). Use IP based technology. Forget co-ax. Secure the recorder where the criminals can't access it. Check the cameras at 2am when there is no moonlight. Remote access is normal these days so make this an option. Make yourself aware of CCTV rules. These apply to everybody, not just businesses.

Dummy Cameras

NO!. If you only have have dummy cameras, or the dummy cameras are the only obvious ones, and you have signage stating that the store has CCTV, you are asking for major trouble. Don't do it. There are incidents where the public have relied on stores having CCTV to record incidents, only to find that the CCTV Cameras are dummy cameras. Payouts to the public (from stores) are hundreds of thousands in each case.

CCTV is good, but not the holy grail. Combine it with a good back to base alarm system and response system, and you are on your way to effective security.

White Card Changes - Qld

Changes for white card construction induction training

3rd May 19

Training for a Queensland White Card must now be face to face with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

A Queensland white card is recognised in all Australian states and the Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory. Queensland also recognises white cards issued from each of these areas.

Concerns about the effectiveness and quality of online training were raised by various stakeholders during the Best Practice Review of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland in 2017. In addition, similar concerns have been long held by work health and safety regulators in other jurisdictions including New South Wales and Victoria.

In response to these ongoing concerns, last year Workplace Health and Safety Queensland advised all registered training organisations that construction induction training would need to be delivered face-to-face from 1 February 2019, with an exception if a Queensland resident lives in a rural area greater than 100 km from an RTO approved to deliver this course.

This arrangement aligns with those in Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, where online delivery of construction induction training is not permitted.

Training for a white card is delivered under a national competency standard, with mutual recognition between states. This change in requirements responds to industry concerns regarding the quality of on-line training which has placed the mutual recognition of Queensland issued white cards at risk.

Further information

Visit or call 1300 362 128.

Partner ASSA

ASSA LOGO hiresCompliance is a major expenditure in the Security Industry. Reinventing the wheel costs even more money.  ASSA is a cost effective OH&S management system like the big boys have, at a little boys price.  This is why J&J Security has partnered up with ASSAOHS Systems for all our OH&S requirements. Policies, Procedures, Staff paperwork, company licencing etc all in one place. Trying to keep up with staff licencing? Let the system work for you. SWMS on the fly. Go for it. Centralised templating, go for it.  Support and service is excellent.


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We are a manpower security company. We supply guards and physical security. We do not install alarm systems or CCTV. For Alarms or CCTV ring either Rivconnect 0413 533 832 or Eacom 02 6964 2033

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ASSAJ&J Security use ASSA Systems for their OHS&R systems in conjunction with the HR Management Systems

J&J Security utilise the Uniguard Patrol Management Systems and also the Uniguard Vehicle Tracking Systems. Systems for the professionals in the field.

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J&J Security utilise the Uniguard Patrol Management Systems and also the Uniguard Vehicle Tracking Systems. Systems for the professionals in the field.