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Our mobile patrols are a highly effective visual and physical deterrent, used to move unauthorised people off site and deter theft.

We can devise internal and external patrol routes to act as an effective deterrent, and these will be carried out randomly, so that the pattern of patrols remains ambiguous for any unwanted visitors.


Our fully trained, NSW licensed mobile patrol officers wear the highly recognisable J&J Security uniform and drive our fully marked vehicles, which again act as a strong visual deterrent to unauthorised people on site, therefore, reducing the likelihood of theft and vandalism.

As well as deterring criminal activity, mobile patrols remain alert to the threat of fire, flood or other damaging incidents that affect your business.

Patrols are logged using the widely recognised Uniguard Patrol Management System. This system stores dates and times of patrol visits in an encrypted manner that cannot be altered. If the report shows that a guard attended, then you know that the guard was in fact there and not off drinking coffee while filling in the attendance reports.

Our Professional Mobile Security Officers can provide you with a Keyholding and Alarm Response Service, or a secure premises 'Lock up and Unlocks' service which can include turning off all unnecessary electrical equipment, securing all windows and points of entry plus all fire exits. We will perform a lockdown of the premises and fully alarm the premises.

Our Professional Mobile Patrol Service provides a complete low cost security solution ensuring stability and continuity of your business which in these harsh economic times is paramount in your business thinking. The spot checks provided by our mobile patrol service helps prevent criminal activity, as there is no discernable patterns to when our officers will patrol your building.  Our guards perform regular external and/or internal mobile patrols, and opening and closing premises, as well as attending to alarm activations as well as other verified electronic activations from your alarm system.

Whether you are a small to medium-sized company or a multinational, mobile patrol services may be the best fit for your needs.

As a small to medium-sized company that requires security, you need your doors to be locked, your window checked, your property to be regularly patrolled and your alarms responded to. You need all this but may want to pay a fraction of the cost of a permanent guard.

From a larger company perspective, you can reduce your costs and help optimise your security program at smaller facilities where a static guard is not a viable solution.

Low cost and very effective security solutions for you and your company are now available through J&J Security. Let our trained and NSW licensed Mobile Patrol Officers help you prevent, deter and detect vandalism, theft and respond to other safety-related incidents and where an emergency intervention is required allow J&J Security to be your first responder. 

While J&J Security patrols your property after hours in clearly marked vehicles, you can enjoy your time off with peace of mind. Our mobile guards are trained in emergency procedures and quick response.

To find out more about all the Mobile Security Services and out of hours emergency intervention solutions we offer such as key holding, alarm response, patrols, staff escort security services, building locks/unlocks, and vacant property checks please contact us. 

About us

We are a manpower security company. We supply guards and physical security. We do not install alarm systems or CCTV. For Alarms or CCTV ring either Rivconnect 0413 533 832 or Eacom 02 6964 2033

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ASSAJ&J Security use ASSA Systems for their OHS&R systems in conjunction with the HR Management Systems

J&J Security utilise the Uniguard Patrol Management Systems and also the Uniguard Vehicle Tracking Systems. Systems for the professionals in the field.

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J&J Security utilise the Uniguard Patrol Management Systems and also the Uniguard Vehicle Tracking Systems. Systems for the professionals in the field.