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Site security (or Gatehouse Duties) can vary from site to site. Regardless, they perform an essential part of everyday duties involved in the running of any major organisation.

An average gate house guard can do the following;

  • Officers available to take on additional duties as directed by the client ie actively participating in fire or evacuation drills, taking on health and safety functions, managing key access systems.
  • Reception inquiries; telephone inquiries and record keeping.
  • First aid contact.
  • Patrolling sensitive areas.
  • Gate duties (access and egress) monitoring and record keeping.
  • Emergency response and action.
  • Alert, diligent attitude toward asset protection and discreet intervention
  • Starting up or shutting down machinery.
  • Liaising with emergency services.
  • Liaising with the general public.
  • Dealing with the media.
  • Assist in compliance issues, OH&S, Company rules and regulations.

Our Site Security Services provide the following;

  • Our service is specifically tailored to meet client individual requirements.
  • A security audit and evaluation can be carried out on your premises.
  • Client driven, personal, friendly and efficient service.
  • Pro-active highly visible smart uniformed officers specifically designed to deter would-be offenders.
  • Operation Room duties.
  • Regular personal contact regarding quality of service, ensuring professional standards are maintained by way of structured reviews.

Other benefits of Site Security

Reducing your environmental impact

As environmental issues are becoming more important due to the cost of wasted energy, our security operatives can check for, and switch off unnecessary lighting, heating or cooling.  As well as saving the company money, it will also help to reduce your company's carbon footprint.

Peace of mind

These security patrols provide an added level of vigilance and intelligence gathering. The effective execution of this strategy will often prevent an incident or accident occurring in the first place.

We can work within any current infrastructure, or create a complete new one. Just implementing site security for the first time? Call us. Avoid expensive mistakes.

About us

We are a manpower security company. We supply guards and physical security. We do not install alarm systems or CCTV. For Alarms or CCTV ring either Rivconnect 0413 533 832 or Eacom 02 6964 2033

J&J Security Office Hours
Master Licence  403164149   Emergencies  Anytime 24/7
Unit 20 16-24 Whybrow Street Monday 09:00 to 15:00
Griffith NSW 2680 Tuesday 09:00 to 15:00
Phone:  +61 2 6964 0886 Wednesday Closed
Fax:       +61 2 6964 0059 Thursday Closed
  Friday 09:00 to 15:00

ASSAJ&J Security use ASSA Systems for their OHS&R systems in conjunction with the HR Management Systems

J&J Security utilise the Uniguard Patrol Management Systems and also the Uniguard Vehicle Tracking Systems. Systems for the professionals in the field.

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J&J Security utilise the Uniguard Patrol Management Systems and also the Uniguard Vehicle Tracking Systems. Systems for the professionals in the field.